Les Poissons

Les poisson, les poissons,
how I love les poissons,
love to chop, and to serve, little fish.
FIrst I cut off their heads,
then I pull out their bones.
Ah mais oui, ca c’est toujours delish.

Les poissons, les poissons,
Hee hee hee, hah hah hah.
With the cleaver I hack them in two.
I pull out what’s inside.
and I serve it up fried.
God, I love little fishes, don’t you?

Here’s something for tempting the palate.
Prepared in the classic technique.
First you pound the fish flat with a mallet.
Then you slash through the skin,
give the belly a slice,
then you rub some salt in,
‘cause that makes it taste nice.

Sacre bleu! What is this?
How on earth could I miss
Such a sweet little succulent crab.
Quel dommage, what a loss.
Here we go, in the sauce.
Now some flour, I think, just a dab.

Now I stuff you with bread.
It don’t hurt, ‘cause you’re dead.
And you’re certainly lucky you are.
‘Cause it’s gonna be hot
in my big silver pot.
Toodle loo, mon poisson, au revoir!

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